Hallituksen kokous 21.01.2006

Kohteesta Linux-aktivaattori
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Date, time, place

The meeting was held over Jabber on the 21st of January from 14:18 until 15:52.


  • Aschwin van der Woude (chairman)
  • Tero Kuusela (vice-chairman)
  • Wolf Bergenheim (board-member)
  • Antti Kaihola (treasurer)

1. Opening of the meeting

The chairman opened the meeting at 14:18

2. Legality of the meeting

Wolf, Tero and Antti had given a signed permission to use Jabber for board meetings as long as this board is running the affairs of Linux-Aktivaattori.

Enough board-members, more than half, are present and thus the meeting is legally taking place.

3. Accept the minutes of the last board meeting

The previous board meeting took place on the 29th of October, and all those currently present approved those minutes.

4. Incoming mail

A bank statement, described below, was received but nothing else except for junkmail.

5. Announcements

  • [Wolf] regular backups of our server are are now taken
  • [Aschwin] The Debconf5 repository had a leak to the internet and spilled personal info (e.g. passport numbers addressess), but has since been removed including the copy in google's cache.
  • [Aschwin] I visited Turun Talouskeskus to finally start finalising the DebConf5 finances. He has all the needed info except for the latest bank statement, which I will deliver on Monday.He promised to be done by the end of the month.

6. Economical situation

The received bank statement is for the month November 2005, no bank statements have been received since.

The DebConf5 account contains 2332.79€ and has the following transactions:

  • Nokia 3000€
  • Martin Zobel -247.64€
  • Rene Engelhard -307.50€
  • Asociacion Mexicana Empresarial -7289.42€

It is not yet clear what will be done with the money left over from DebConf5. The Linux-Aktivaattori account contains 198.32€, and there was one transaction during November:

  • Controllers Turku Oy -23,18€

This transaction was for consultance from an accountant [Antti].

For 2005 there are still 12 pending membership payments, we will discuss this issue further on the private board list.

7. Accept new members

Two new members (Jari-Veikko Heikkilä, Atte Tenkanen) have applied for membership, but their payment hasn't been received yet. So it was decided we cannot yet accept them.

8. Follow-up of previously assigned tasks

  • Financial report 2004 is pending [Antti].
  • Accounting software has been set up, but accounting lags behind. Catching up.[Antti]
  • Currently there are no benefits to get an y-tunnus. It will be needed when we hire somebody, rent an office or need to deal with VAT. [Antti]

Other pending tasks have been mostly resolved, but as nothing urgent needs doing this topic is postponed until the next meeting.

9. Preparations for annual meeting

As the previous annual meeting was held in Helsinki, the next one will be organised in Turku. As the PRH requires us to send the revision to our new rules back before the 14th of March, we will need to keep the general members meeting in February. It was decided to keep the next general members meeting on Saturday the 25th of February.

As for a location, Tero and Aschwin both had suggestions and will check what the possibilies are. Aschwin will check at his new workplace, and Tero will ask from the "Avoimet ohjelmistot" working group. As a last resort we can always try Koulu, which we have been using in the past.

As we still operate on our old rules, a new board will be elected during the next general members meeting. Section 11 of our rules describes what other mandatory topics need to be addressed during the meeting.

The following tasks need to be taken care of:

  • Write the agenda [Alexandra]
  • Ask/Reserve the place [Tero, Aschwin]
  • Make the financial statement of 2005 [Antti]
  • Make the annual report of 2005 [Antti, Aschwin]
  • Make the action plan for 2006 [Aschwin]
  • Make the budget for 2006 [Antti]
  • Audit the financial and annual report of 2005 [Martin-Eric]
  • Prepare the new rules proposal [Tero]
  • Print the papers to be handed out in the meeting [Aschwin]
  • Organise the post-meeting social part [??]

Aschwin will send an email to the list for ideas on what to do for fun after the meeting. After that Aschwin will start asking people directly whether they want to take care of it. Minna is willing to act as a backup if nobody is willing to take care of it.

Aschwin will also check if the financial report can be taken care of by Turun Talouskeskus, and whether Movial is willing to pay for it. The thought is that they will already pay for the DebConf5 accounting report, so a little bit more wouldn't hurt.

10. Request to help organise Linux kernel's 15-year birthday event

It would be great to organise this with other groups like FLUG. FLUG is also the most likely candidate for cooperation, but the more groups are involved the better.

This event might also give Linux-Aktivaattori something concrete to work on, and hopefully activate some of it's less active members. We'll need to ask around for somebody willing to lead the effort. Both Martin-Éric Racine and Elias Aarnio were mentioned as potential candidates. Aschwin will try and have lunch with Elias to discuss matters.

We should find somebody before the annual meeting.

11. Tapio Lehtonen asks for help organising a LUG in Pori

An email was received from Tapio Lehtonen to the info@l-a.fi address. He requested help organising a LUG in Pori.

Tero already put him in contact with other people in that area. He also said to Tapio that the topic would be discussed during this board meeting.

The conclusion is to offer him the same model we are using for Turuxi:

  • The group itself has no members as such,instead they are members of Linux-Aktivaattori
  • The group leader is a member of Linux-Aktivaattori
  • Other participants of the group don't need be members of Linux-Aktivaattori
  • The group can receive sponsorship (siiliraha), which will be kept on a separate bank-account

Tero will send Tapio an email about the proposal with the explicit note that it is all flexible and open for discussion.

12. Assigning tasks and setting deadlines

All of these tasks should be completed before the next board meeting.

  • [Wolf] Solve the issue with the members list and make sure no other copies are around nor accessible.
  • [Antti] Send out membership fee 2006 payment emails
  • [Antti] Discuss pending membership payments for 2005 on the private board list
  • [Alexandra] Write the agenda for the gmm
  • [Tero, Aschwin] Ask/Reserve a meeting place for the gmm
  • [Antti] Write the financial statement of 2005
  • [Antti, Aschwin] Write the annual report of 2005
  • [Aschwin] Make the action plan for 2006
  • [Antti] Make the budget for 2006
  • [Martin-Eric] Audit the financial and annual report of 2005
  • [Tero] Prepare the new rules proposal
  • [Aschwin] Print the papers to be handed out in the meeting
  • [Tero] Inform Tapio Lehtonen about the proposal to go for the Turuxi model
  • [Aschwin] Find some ideas for post general meeting fun and somebody to take care of it
  • [Aschwin] Contact Elias Aarnio about the Linux birthday idea

The next board meeting will be held on the 4th of February at 14:00. It will likely be another Jabber meeting, but possibly a physical meeting.

14. Other issues

  • [Wolf] The file with information about our members is currently in the board's subversion repository, but * it should be only available to the secretary. => Wolf will resolve the issue together with the previous secretary Minna Kuusela and the new secretary Alexandra Bergenheim.

Turuxi should have its own bank-account to ease keeping track of its money => As the board approves, Aschwin will make this happen.

  • [Aschwin] The sponsor packages for DC5 haven't been sent yet, as I want to include the full financial report

15 Closing at 15:52