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Kohteesta Linux-aktivaattori
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General Members Meeting - Autumn 2003

Date: 1 September 2003
Start: 18:55
End: 19:23


  • Aschwin van der Woude (chairman)
  • Tero Kuusela
  • Anders Biström
  • Maria Pinjanainen
  • Minna Kiertokari


Proposal to change the registered rules

Tero had drafted some changes to the rules as they are registered now. These changes have been discussed during our board meetings, and include increasing flexibility concerning membership fees, new ways to work towards our goal, change to two annual members' meetings and some wording changes.

These proposals for changes were accepted during the meeting, and will take effect as soon as they are accepted by Rekisterikeskus.


Because the first year of Linux-Aktivaattori's existence was so short, the expense and income statements for that year are combined with last years balance-sheet. This is legal as long as the total time described on these balance-sheets is no longer than 18 months.

The balance-sheets were reviewed by all participants during the meeting and accepted.

Budget 2004

As we have started growing, it becomes increasingly important to control our expenses. Although we aren't large enough for it to be crucial at this stage, it is nevertheless a good exercise. Pekka and Aschwin estimated our next years (2004) income and expenses, and presented this budget to the members. After the addition covering the costs of membership cards, the budget was accepted.

Working group budgets

With the advent of working groups, there might eventually be cases when we receive money targeted to working groups and the groups have their own expenses. It was decided that there shouldn't be separate membership fees for working groups, nor separate budgets. Instead, money can be marked as belonging to a specific working group in the Linux-aktivaattori budget and it will be taken care that the working group has the right to decide how that money is used.

Good/bad analysis of our current operation

As we are still too young to really do an indepth analysis of our operations, a real discussion wasn't needed. But as our nature is open, future problems will probably be resolved democratically.

How to improve the bad and keep the good?

See previous section.