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Kohteesta Linux-aktivaattori
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General Members Meeting - Spring 2004

Date: 5 June 2004
Start: 13:20
Stop: 19:20


  • Aschwin van der Woude
  • Wolf Bergenheim
  • Tero Kuusela
  • Minna Kuusela
  • Anders Biström
  • Harri Hämäläinen
  • Arvo Malmi
  • Petri Salmela
  • Fabian Fagerholm
  • Maria Pinjanainen
  • Kari Pahula
  • Antti Kaihola


Aschwin explained that we have some desicions to make and that there will be some games and fun after the meeting. Aschwin showed the new membership cards. The cards was given out to members that were present.

Our Vision

Wolf was translating to Finnish as Aschwin described the meaning of a Vision for an organisation. Which is in short:

  • Guiding image of succcess
  • Our imagined future in 5-10 years
  • What is our impact on the community?
  • What is our role in the future?

The vision-statement drafting (in english) was started last year and quite a few drafts has been made since. Antti has drafted a finnish translation of the vision-statement. There can be any amounts of drafts, but the final has to be accepted by the members.

Aschwin asked if anyone had any comments about the current draft of the vision-statement. Tero raised a point about the Finnish vision-statement as it contained some awkward words. The Finnish statement was fixed on the spot.

The disscussion continued about the concern our vision statement shouldn't become politically contrasting to much, we should be inclusive as much as possible. Some arguments were made that it will get to be as such sooner or later any way.

There was quite much disscusion on the word FLOSS and its translation in finnish. The issue was to make changes to the vision-statement so that it is as neutral as possible and not limiting us to some direction defined by OSI, FSF or some other entity.

Antti asked who is the target audience for the mission and vision statements. Aschwin thought it was a good question and that we should try to be as inclusive as possible.

Fabian commented that Creative Commons Project have a good model where they have one version that is more of an "lawyers text", one general and one that is "easy to understand" - all still meaning and telling the same.

After a long discussion and many changes Fabian suggested that we should move to the next point on the agenda and take another look at the vision statement on the mailing-list.

Our Mission

Only an english version exists of the mission draft at the moment. The statement was disscussed and changed. Vote on the mission statment was posponed to a later moment in the meeting.

A first Finnish translation was made by Petri during the meeting and presented but not discussed. A discussion will be started on the mailing-list about it.


Aschwin quickly went through the current house-rules/policy and explained they are written down when we develop a pattern of how we operate and if it is helpful to communicate this to others. There was no discussion about them as there was already little time left.

Official rules

The official rules weren't discussed, instead people were asked to read them on their own after the meeting.

CMS selection

The candidates are: Drupal, MamboOS, Typo3 and Plone. Presentations of the CMS-candidates:

  • MamboOS
    • easy to install
    • php
  • Drupal
    • quite easy to install
    • more made for a portal site, like slashdot
    • look not totally customizable
    • php
  • Typo3
    • easy to install
    • template in html
    • php
  • Plone
    • easy to use
    • resource hungry
    • zope/python

Wolf and Aschwin presented Linux-Aktivaattori's view on our CMS needs. They also demonstrated how to use each CMS by adding a page, edit it and demonstrate a specialised feature.

Voting on the cms ended with Typo3 and MamboOS being on top of the others. They remainded in a tie and the final desicion will be made at a later time by a yet-to-be-founded web/cms working group.


Meeting closed at 19:20