Progress/Admin/May 2004

Current status

  • Meeting with TUUG to discuss technical matters on Friday 16-04-2004 16:00 in Palatsi (Wolf + Anders)
    • Decided to contact University computing centers about the commercial machines they provide Internet-access to. Perhaps they will let the TUUG/L-A server be hosted the same way. Hopefully through sponsorship so we don’t need to pay any fee.
    • Tuug board excited about cooperation
    • Concerns about L-A name, but Wolf explained we are inclusive of all FLOSS not just Linux, but also the BSD’s and such.
    • Tuug lacks new blood, and they will develop activities to find it
    • Tuug has money to pay for its own hosting and such


  • Cooperation with the TUUG sauna-evening in the beginning of next academic year

High priority Todo

  1. Installation of two remaining CMS’s for review (Plone, Mambo), Anders helps with Mambo. Takes about 2 weeks
  2. Talk with Anders to clarify responsibilities, in 2 weeks another admin meeting
  3. Change registered snail-mail address at Domainkeskus to our post office box
  4. Migrate Turkuuse list to mailman
  5. Domain-name registrations, Anders will talk with Euronic oy about a possible sponsorship. Otherwise we will go with Sange

Medium priority todo

  • Upgrade server (Done)
  • Create upgrade logs
  • Finish archive work
    • make prettier
    • Add forwarders for links on list-admin pages
  • Server location, current situation is uncertain, discuss options with TUUG

Low priority todo

  • Create backup plan
  • Upgrade Jabber server to version 2.0 -> awaits availability of Debian packages
  • Install protocol forwarders on Jabber server
  • Improve Admin-request page -> awaits new CMS
  • Improve/implement scripts:
    • Add -> accomodate new CMS (currently takes care of Twiki, HTAccess, email-alias, list-memberships, jabber-id, sends email about new accounts)
    • Remove -> doesn’t exist yet
    • Backup -> refuses incremental backups
    • List/Search -> search for user
  • Change list-server to enemy of carlotta -> awaits new feature for global config

Ideas and other topics

  • Jabber PHP scripts
  • Content migration to new CMS will be done by hand. The other option would be to write a twiki parser and convert automatically. Doing it by hand once is seen as the better option.