Progress/Linux-Blondit/April 2004

  • Location: Cafe/restaurant Rico, Turku
  • Date: 16 April 2004
  • Leader: Maria Pinjanainen

Current status and progress

  • List migration to Linux-Aktivaattori list-server

This had happened last year, but the experience since has been very good.

  • Some flame-wars sparked a definition of some social rules of conduct for the list

The situation has improved since

  • And IRC channel has been taken into use recently.
  1. linux-blondit on some server Maria didn’t remember. Perhaps Linux-Aktivaattori could provide a bot logging all discussions and presenting them in some webpages for archival purposes. Jukka Palko and Niinnnu are both active on the channel.

Future ideas and developments

  • Linux-blondit Web-page is awaiting the new CMS
  • Help with testing the new CMS
  • Webpage of Linux newbies
  • eLearning site