Progress/Linux-Blondit/June - September 2004


The list has been fairly quite since Summer. Probably mostly due to Tuija not posting as often, as she has been busy with other things.

IRC Channel

The channel has shown activity and is regularly visited by various people. Aschwin suggested to propose switching to a Jabber chat room instead. Maria will send this proposal to this list or bring it up on the IRC channel.

Web page

Aschwin indicated with Typo3 it will be possible to provide Linux-Blondit with their own pages. Typo3 uses a flexible authentication scheme so users can be made with only access to the Linux-blondit pages. This will have to wait until the L-A website is implemented with Typo3 though.

Newsletter article

Maria will write an article for the newsletter. She will go over the discussion in the mailinglist archives and IRC-logs and find interesting topics for the article. The article will alos include any ideas for Linux-Blondit and information about where to find the list and the IRC channel.