Progress/Turuxi/June-September 2004


  • July had no gathering
  • August’s gathering was cancelled due to lack of participants
  • September’s gathering featured a presentation by Wolf about installing software on Linux.
  • Oktober’s gathering doesn’t have topic yet, but Minna might use her backup presentation.


  • July had a meeting
  • September had a meeting discussing the main event

Main event

  • Name isn’t found yet, Aschwin needs to send the suggestions to the list and perhaps hold a Jabber meeting to come up with one.
  • Antti Kaihola and Tomi Blomberg have been quite active. Tomi designed a flyer and Antti helped with other issues.
  • To stimulate participation and ensure progress it might be usefull to keep regular online meetings and plan them ahead.
  • The Main event will need to be combined with the LAN-party

Mailing list

  • Activity has somewhat slowed down
  • Not many new members have joined the list


  • More active maintainers needed
  • Ask Tomi for a web-design
  • When Aschwin is done with the L-A website he can help to get moved over to Typo3