Progress/Turuxi/April 2004


  • Next presentation: Newbie experiences (Minna Kiertokari)
  • The presentation list needs to be planned for a few months to the future
  • Writing of reports for all gatherings not yet completed
  • Problem hour -> a trend starts to develop, more questions are raised, this needs more time to develop
  • News -> it would be good to have a general news-list for Linux news in Finland

Yearly event

  • Planning somewhat messed up, needs to be readjusted
  • Next on todo:
    • Develop a name
    • Pick a date
    • Determine main theme -> current showstopper
  • Marketing
    • Posters
    • Cooperate with TUUG (Tommi Leino)
    • Cooperate with student-unions (Tommi Leino)


  • Aguri 2003, 500 €‚ refund needs all the bills
  • Clarify goal, strategy
    • A “What do we do?” page would probably be enough

Ideas and other topics

  • Library, sharing books
  • LAN party early 2005 -> idea from Palatsi, to attract youth