Progress/Localisation/April 2004

Localisation weekend

  • 21-23 May, Maybe Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday
  • Location is Rakennus Liito computer classroom
  • Exact programme still open, idea so far:
    • Teams section
      • Team introductions
      • Progress since last localisation weekend
      • Current status of teams
      • Todo/Planning of teams
    • Working-group
      • Progress and status
      • Goals until next localisation weekend
      • What to do and who takes care of it
  • Sakari takes care of contact with Novell and their possible participation in the weekend

High Priority Todo

  1. Propose localisation weekend agenda to list, including food, drinks, sleeping (perhaps include hotel/hostel suggestions)
  2. Inquire about dictionary status
  3. Inquire about portal status
  4. Discuss CMS on list


  • Get list contact info for team-leaders/contact persons (webpage):
    • Gnome
    • KDE
    • OpenOffice
    • Debian
    • SOT?
    • Lineox?
    • Novel/Suse
  • Discuss on list about universtity strategy (wait for Kouvola and gain experience or already start reaching out to other translating departments)
  • Contact translating department in Kouvola by the end of the month, if we didn’t get a reaction before it.
  • Announce CMS-process ot list (Aschwin)
  • Announce when CMS testing round starts